Feature Films

Some written on assignment, some as spec scripts.

“In the Shadows of Her Life”
For years after the end of WWII, a Nazi concentration camp officer lives in the U.S. masquerading as a Holocaust survivor. Based on a true story. Written with Esther Jane Paul.

"Tied Up”
A romantic comedy set on a houseboat on the Thames, in London.

“Fair Woman Without Discretion”
A millionaire pays a young couple one million dollars for a week of the wife’s company; written several years before the Robert Redford “Indecent Proposal”

Based on the novel. Scandalous doings of the rich and depraved on an island in the Mediterranean.

 “Tiger by the Tail”
A shy, naïve man who falls in love with a high-maintenance woman can only hold on to her by launching a massive scam that nets them hundreds of millions of dollars, jet airplanes, racehorses, and other trappings of the mega-rich.

“Seducing Terri”
Terri and Henry Steeter are an “average” American couple. So how do they end up spying for our country’s enemies?