Total Word Compatibility
This means that HollyWord works directly in your MS Word program (any version, including Vista, for example), Windows or Mac operating system.

Instant Change of Scene Order
In addition to all the usual features in a complete screenplay formatting program, HollyWord actually allows you to instantly change the order of your scenes. (No other formatting program has this. None!) Click here for more on StoryCard feature.

Automatic formatting
At the end of writing each paragraph, HollyWord automatically sets margins and All Caps or lower case for the next item you want to write (Slugline to Action, Action to Character name, Character name to Dialog, etc.). You just keep writing, HollyWord does the formatting for you.

Character names at a keystroke
With a click, you can set it up.

Automatic page numbering
Page numbers in the correct studio/network format are inserted automatically.

Automatic scene numbering
Although scene numbering is not used in spec scripts or any draft prior to a production script, HollyWord makes it easy to insert scene numbers automatically if you want.

Full formatting for these insertions is placed in the script at your command.

Story structure: See the layout of your entire script at a glance
HollyWord's one-of-a-kind StoryCard feature is a power tool that shows you a list of your story scenes. And it lets you rearrange the order of your scenes in an instant. Click here for more information.

Personalizing HollyWord
Easy instructions are included for changing font, line-spacing between scenes, margins of the document or of any particular style, font, or the style and placement of MOREs and CONTINUEDs.

Click here to see you use HollyWord how simple it makes writing your screenplay.

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