"Like 'Die Hard,' Hollyword is powerful, and fun. We're glad we discovered it -- thanks!"
     Michael Tadross, Producer, 'Die Hard With a Vengeance'


Writing with HollyWord couldn’t be easier. HollyWord works inside your Microsoft Word (any version, including Vista, etc.), Windows or Mac.

Ready to type the “Slugline” for your first scene? Just start typing — HollyWord is already set for the correct margins, and has already set you for All Caps.

When finished the Slugline, just hit Enter or Return as usual …

… and HollyWord automatically sets you for typing to Action instruction.

Hit Enter or Return again … and you’re set for typing the Character Name for your first speech. The margins are automatically set for you, you’re already set for All Caps.

What’s more, HollyWord lets you set up shortcuts for all your character names. For Nanette, use na … or just n. For William, w. For Caroline, C.

Even better: type “c” for Caroline, and HollyWord knows whether to set the name as Caroline or CAROLINE, depending on whether you’re writing Slugline, Action, Character Name, or Dialog.

HollyWord also automates MOREs, CONTINUEs, scene numbering, and more. (Don’t know about MOREs and CONTINUEDs, or the guidelines for scene numbering? — the User’s Guide and the interactive Help file explain them all and offer advice about current studio and network script standards.

And don’t miss finding about HollyWord’s exclusive and amazingly powerful StoryCards feature.

HollyWord takes care of all the formatting, so you can just concentrate on being creative.

It simply doesn’t get any easier than this.

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