Dear Fellow Writer,

In earlier times, writers used pen and paper - and some still do.

When the personal computer came along, writers who could type sent up a cheer. Not only a faster and cleaner way to get a first draft, but we could readily make changes and still finish on deadline with a clean draft.

But for screenwriters, it wasn't so easy - all those margin changes, and retyping the same character names over and over, and the rest. The first screenplay formatters were a help - but they were expensive, complicated, tricky to use, and often maddening. And most still are.

Enter HollyWord - the screenplay formatter for people who don't want to know about computer complications - people who just want to write.

With HollyWord, you simply start Microsoft Word, load the the files provided, and start writing. HollyWord does all the formatting for you, virtually automatically.

And wait till you see the manual - written by a writer, for writers. I worked like blazes to be sure it would be short, extremely well organized, thoroughly indexed, and take no more than a few sentences to explain each procedure. Fast and easy.

Now you can mount your typewriter as a wall decoration. And you can forget the technology inside the computer box. Just load HollyWord ... and start writing.

At last the formatting is a given, the focus is on writing.

My products all carry an unconditional guarantee. You can't lose!

Bill Simon

William L. Simon, Ph.D., is an award-winning writer/producer and Writers Guild member, who holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and Communications. He is the co-author, with Apple Computer CEO Gil Amelio, of the best-selling Profit from Experience.