StoryCards is a unique, exclusive feature of HollyWord.

Text Box:  � StoryCard

27. Rick  encounters Ilsa for the first time  

Rick walks briskly up to the piano.

Sam, I thought I told you never to play ...

As he sees Ilsa he stops short.

You put a StoryCard entry like “Rick encounters Ilsa for the first time” at the beginning of each new sequence (story scene). 

As you write, at any time, with just a click, you can see the structure of your entire screenplay.

For example, if you had been writing the screenplay of the wonderful As Good as It Gets (instead of Mark Andrus & James Brooks), some of your StoryCard might have read like this:

3. Lady turns sour at sight of Melvin; he puts dog down
garbage chute
4. Melvin’s prejudice against blacks and gays
5. Restaurant -  intro Carol; Melvin intimidates Jewish diners
6. Rest., cont – Carol blows up at Melvin’s mention of her son;
he is intimidated

Incredibly, you can rearrange the structure of your screenplay at any time simply by dragging one or more of the StoryCards upward or downward to a new position.

Using StoryCard to Lay Out Your Screenplay

Here’s another extremely powerful way of using StoryCards: If you prefer planning your story before you start writing, you can create your StoryCards for your screenplay — part of it, or the entire story ... and then work on the structure and refine it.

At any time, you can add notes or dialog to a particular scene; HollyWord will hold those ideas at the correct spot in the screenplay until you are ready to start work on that scene.

StoryCards give you a unique and incredibly effective way of unleashing your storytelling creativity.

... And only HollyWord has them.

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