"Like 'Die Hard,' Hollyword is powerful, and fun.
       We're glad we discovered it -- thanks!
              Michael Tadross, Producer, 'Die Hard With a Vengeance'

In one word, ‘HollyWord’ is fantastic. Screenwriting
has never been easier.
             Jimmy Lindsey, Writer/producer

Escape Line Pictures
1416 Lewis Dr. #408
Lakewood, OH 44107

April 21, 1999

Dear Bill,

HollyWord is a very impressive program. I am in the process of writing my first feature film titled “Fall Out” which will be shot on location in Puerto Rico this summer. I have to tell you that HollyWord is a wonderful program and not expensive such as Scrietware and Movie Magic Screenwriter. I am a screenwriter based out of Cleveland, Ohio and I have been involved on various film projects throughout the Ohio area. My recent involvement was on a MTV set for an R&B group known as MEN AT LARGE.

Keep up the good work. I also give you permission to use my name and company name in HollyWord reviews.

David Anthony Jess
Screenwriter for Escape Line Pictures

Subject: comment on Hollyword
Date: Thu, 10 Sept 1998 23:41:48EDT
From: RugPug17@aol.com
To: hw@simon1.com

I have recently ordered HollyWord for Windows ’95 and I must say that my
Screenplay that I recently finihsed has a very professional look. Your
Software was incredibly easy to install, and I was up and running within a
matter of minutes. Your software truly delivers what it promises: a
professional look for a low price. I am very pleased with your service and
what to thank you personally.

Thank you,
Jeremiah Young