From one writer to another,

In his review of SideBySide in the Writers Guild Journal, James Tugend said it best -- "The formats for writing commercials, business films, videos, documen-taries, multimedia and live television are quite varied, but they virtually all have two, three or four columns. ... Doing this on a word processor is not as easy as it sounds. Most commercial production houses have been using computers for just about everything except writing scripts, which is usually done on a typewriter. 'Side by Side' from Simon Skill Systems is designed to fill that gap."

As I left behind my Selectric and advanced from an Olivetti word processor, to EasyWriter on the first IBM PC, to WordPerfect, to Word, I kept struggling with the challenge of writing the multi-column, side-by-side scripts that are the industry standard. Finally a few years ago, word processing caught up with the need.

It still wasn't easy. Over a period of time -- with much studying of the Word manuals, countless phone calls to Microsoft, and much trial-and-error -- I finally developed the techniques that make multi-column scripting as simple as writing a two-paragraph memo. Producers were impressed with the look of the scripts, and dazzled by how readily they can make changes without corrupting the format of the entire document.

The word began to spread, and soon other writers were asking to use my hassle-free solution. Now I've put it in a box so that everyone who needs to write or work with multi-column scripts in Microsoft Word can escape the formatting frustrations and be productive faster.

With SideBySide, you simply select the format of your choice, open the corresponding file from the disk ... and start writing!

Want a slightly different format? No problem -- Following the simple directions, you'll learn how to create your own format in moments.

Ready to edit your script? No problem -- Add a scene in the middle ... move a scene from one page to another ... swap one storyboard sketch with another but leave the voice-over where it was.

Is SideBySide the only way? You can do it yourself, if willing to dig the instruc-tions out of the 1,000+ pages of Microsoft documentation and learn about Sections, Footers, word counts of just the audio column, "Spacing Before" settings so that single-spaced and double-spaced paragraphs line up neatly, and many other intricate details of using Word. .

Instead you can turn to SideBySide.

And wait 'till you see the manual -- written by a writer, for writers. I worked like blazes to be sure it would be very short, extremely well organized, thoroughly indexed, and take no more than a few sentences to explains each procedure. (Don't we wish all computer manuals followed these principles!)

Even so -- I know that many people are fed up with reading any documentation. So I've included an audio cassette that will let you master the advanced techniques without ever cracking open the manual.

I hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity. If you're hesitating -- remember that SideBySide carries a full money-back guarantee.

Script writing has never been easier!

                                                       Bill Simon

William L. Simon, Ph.D., is an award-winning writer/producer and Writers Guild member, who holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and Communications. He is the co-author, with Apple Computer CEO Gil Amelio, of the best-selling Profit from Experience.